One of the most important parts of building your SmartApp is adding fields to the Layout section. When you edit an existing app or create a new app. The App Designer will land you in the Layout section.

  • For this example, we will open an existing SmartApp from the App Studio by opening the Project Menu and under PRO™ Settings and selecting the App Studio option.

  • Double click the SmartApp tile to open the SmartApp in the App Designer.


  • The App Designer will open, and you will land on the Layout section. Once you click the Edit button, you will be able to start adding fields to your app. The list of FIELD TYPES in the right panel shows the different types of fields you can add to your SmartApp.

  • To add a field, simply drag and drop it on the Layout Canvas. If you do not drop it within a Collection, a collection will be auto-generated and the field will be automatically added to it.

  • Once you have finished adding fields to your SmartApp, click the Save button to save your work. 


  • If you are ready to publish your changes so others in your project can see the changes, click the blue Publish button.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23