The Cost Form Field Type lets you add one or more Cost Fields to your Form.  

Adding a Cost Field to a Form

  • To add a Cost Field to a Form, simply Click and Drag the Cost Field Item into your Form.

Cost Field Settings

The Cost Field Settings panel is broken into 4 Tabs: 

  • Details Tab
  • The Details Tab lets you Set the Cost field to Required.
  • Additionally, you can set the Currency to one of the following options:  US Dollar - USD, Euro - EUR, Pound - GBP, Japanese Yen - JPY, Indian Rupee - INR,  Chinese Yuan - CNY.
  • Calculation You can use a Calculation to populate the value of the Cost Field.
  • Advanced Display Advanced Display lets you use display expressions to hide/disable this Field.
  • Validation Use a formula to validate the Cost field value or choose to Clear field if an expression doesn't match.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23