Adding Stages to your SmartApp allows you to define the transition points in the workflow process that has been configured in the SmartApp, and what collections in your Layout will be viewable/editable to the Security Roles configured in the SmartApp at those points in the workflow.

  • When you create a new SmartApp, you will see that a stage named "New" has already been added to the SmartApp for you and is set as the Default stage. You can rename the pre-set "New" stage, or delete it and add a new default stage in its place. All SmartApps that can have workflow (This includes both Form and Checklist app types) require one stage to be set as the Default stage.

Adding a Stage

  • You can add stages to your SmartApp by clicking the + Add button shown below.

  • Type a name for the stage.

  • Click Enter on your keyboard to finish adding the stage.

Editing a Stage

  • To edit the name of an existing stage, double click on the stage name and you can edit the name of the stage.

Deleting a Stage

  • To delete a single stage, select the checkbox on the left of the stage you want to delete and click the trash can (delete) button.

  • If you want to do a bulk select and delete of all stages, you can click the checkbox to the left of the Stage column header.

Changing Stage Color

  • When a stage is added, it is automatically assigned a color that shows to your project team members who have access to the app wherever SmartApp stages are displayed. You can change the color of each stage in the SmartApp by clicking on the color for that stage in the Pick Color column shown below. If you select the same color assigned to another stage in the SmartApp, you will be alerted, but if you want you can have the same color selected for more than one stage.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23