Once you have configured a Default stage and one or more Security Role(s) for your SmartApp, you can start configuring the Stage/Role Security for Security Roles and Virtual Participants in the SmartApp.

  • Each column header in the Stage/Role Security section is a stage that has been added to the SmartApp in the Stages area. Each row shows a metadata collection that has been added in the Layout section of the SmartApp. Each Stage column has two columns of checkboxes underneath it.

  • The first column of checkboxes has the sub-column header "R" which stands for "Read". The second sub-column of checkboxes has the header "W" which stands for "Write". 

  • By checking a checkbox under the "R" sub-column, you are giving the Security Role or Virtual Participant shown at the top row Read access to the collection shown in that row at the stage shown in the column header.

  • You can reorder the columns in the Stage/Role Security area by dragging and dropping them in the preferred order.

  • By clicking the down caret next to the name of a metadata collection, you can Select/Unselect All the checkboxes in that row, Select only the "R" (Read) or the "W" (Write) checkboxes in that row. The same can be done for all the checkboxes in a column.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23