From the App Studio, you must either open an existing SmartApp in the App Designer, or create a new SmartApp to begin configuring workflow. 


  • Once the App Designer is open, select the Workflow tab to navigate to the Workflow Designer area.


  • For this example, we will be building our workflow using primarily Work Planner Activities. These are activities that utilize Planner Mode functionality for scheduling work, performing work, verifying work, creating scheduling impacts, and setting the percent complete. Work Planner Activities require a Schedule Work field to be added to the Layout of the SmartApp.

  • The first step in building a workflow is to add one or more workflow activities to the canvas. For this example, we will add the following activities:
  • Schedule Item
  • Work Activity
  • Verify Work
  • Set Percent Complete
  • End
  • Once the activities have been added to the canvas, you can begin linking them together using Transitions.

  • Double click on the Start activity, then click the Transitions tab.

  • Next, click the + add button to configure a transition.

  • Once the Transition window opens, you need to select an Outcome (For the Start activity there is only one option), next, you need to select a Linked Activity (This will be the Schedule Item activity), and if desired, you can add a stage. This will be the stage the item will be in once it is saved for the first time.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23