The Item Barcode Field Type lets you add an Item Barcode to your Form.  This field can show an integer in one of the following formats: Currency (Positives only, Sign Negative, Parenthesis Negative), Number, Percent, Custom.

Adding an Integer Field to a Form

  • To add an Integer Field to a Form, simply Click and Drag the Integer Field Item onto your Form.

Item Barcode Field Settings

The Item Barcode Field Settings panel is broken into 3 Tabs: 

  • Details Tab The Details Tab lets configure your barcode to auto generate a Unique Value.  Additionally, you have the option to Display a Barcode Value and/or Barcode Image.  Barcodes can also be shown as either 1D or 2D images.
  • Advanced Display Advanced Display lets you use display expressions to show/hide or enable/disable this Field.
  • Validation Tab The Validation Tab lets you use a formula to validate field values.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23