Deactivating an app will remove the app from Apps Mode, so it cannot be used by the project team, but the items created in the app will NOT be deleted. Once a Deactivated app is Activated again, the items created in the app will be accessible again.

  • To Deactivate an app, select the app (it will turn yellow when it is selected), and click the Disable toolbar button shown below.

  • Once the app has been Deactivated, it will not display in the App Studio. To see Deactivated apps, you must use the advanced search options in the search bar by clicking the down caret shown below.

  • Once the advanced search is open, you can either check the ‘Include deactivated apps’ checkbox shown below, then click save to show any Deactivated apps along with your other apps or, you can open the Status dropdown and select the ‘Deactivated’ option, then click the Search button to only show Deactivated apps.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23