If you are the Owner or Admin of more than one Project, you can import Apps from one Project to another from App Studio.

  • Click the Import Toolbar button shown below.


  • Select the Project that has the SmartApp(s) you want to import. If you have access to many projects, you can type the name of the project you are looking for in the left panel search bar. The SmartApps that display will update based on the project that is selected. Only SmartApps in that project will be available to select.

  • Select the SmartApp(s) from that Project that you want to import. You will be able to see how many SmartApps you have selected from the 'Selected:' count in both the footer and next to the selected project in the left panel. You can select all the SmartApps in the Project by clicking the 'Select All' checkbox.


  • Click the Import & Publish button to simultaneously import the selected SmartApp(s) AND publish them which will immediately make the SmartApp available for your project team members that have been assigned the needed security role, OR you can click the Import button to import the selected SmartApp(s) into your App Studio, but the SmartApp(s) will have a status of Imported and will not be available to your project team members until you open them in the App Designer and publish them. For this example, we will click the Import button.

  • The selected SmartApp will show in the App Studio with a Status of 'Imported'. From there, you can open the SmartApp in the App Designer and view and update the configuration before you publish it.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23