If you want to install SmartApps from the Apps Marketplace, click the Open Marketplace Toolbar button in the App Studio shown below.

  • From the Apps Marketplace, you can search for SmartApps from the Search Bar, or browse and filter SmartApps by Industry and/or Category.

  • You can view additional information about a SmartApp by clicking on it, and viewing its details. You can see how the SmartApp will look on desktop and mobile devices, and you can simulate the SmartApps configuration by clicking the 'PlayIt!' option. You can also view the App Guide for detailed instructions on how to use the SmartApp, and view any Grid Views, Reports, Tableau Visualizations, and Linked SmartApps that will be installed as a bundle along with the SmartApp.

  • To Install a SmartApp from the Apps Marketplace into your Project, click the Install button shown below. After installation is complete, the SmartApp will be available in your App Studio and it will have the Status of 'Imported'.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23