Checklist App

Checklist App - Digitization of a App in Checklist format gives greater control of the activities in real time.

Create Checklist App

1. To create an Form App go to Project Name > PRO Settings > App Studio

2. Admins can create new apps by clicking on the appearing in green at the bottom right corner in App Studio.

3. Fill all the fields required in the App:

Name field - Enter Name of the App. 

App Image/Icon - To add, click an "App Icon" box, this will redirect to the local file explorer. Select the required image (.jpg, .png) and it gets embedded as App Icon 


If an image is not added, the system will automatically use the App name (starting alphabets) as Icon.

Description - Add an objective about the App.

Select ‘App type’ as Checklist App’ and click Next.

The following window appears after creation of Checklist App.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23