Efficiently managing Vendors with the budget line items is crucial for effective project financial management. GCs can associate Vendors to Budget Line Items via the following ways:

  • Adding Vendors from the Budget Manager:

  • Access the 'Vendor' column in the Budget Manager grid

  • Select a vendor from the dropdown list for a specific budget line item

  • The selection would be auto-saved

  • Associating Vendors from the Budget Details Tab:

  • Click on a budget line item to open it in a new window

  • In the 'Budget Details' tab,  ‘Vendor’ field, choose the vendor from the dropdown list

  • Click on the ‘Save’ icon to confirm the vendor association with the budget line item

  • Vendor Auto-Selection for Awarded Bids:

  • If the budget line items are part of an awarded bid, the vendor for the line items will be auto-populated to the awarded vendor

  • After the bid has been awarded, further modifications to the vendor selection will be restricted.

These methods ensure a seamless association of vendors with the budget line items, enhancing the project's financial management.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23