In the project management system, users can manage the visibility of Budget Data within the Planner interface. This can be achieved through the 'Planner Settings' option in the Budget Manager or the 'Privacy' settings directly within the Schedule. By toggling specific options, users can choose to display or hide budget-related information, providing greater control over data visibility. Following are the steps involved for this setup.

Steps to Manage Display Settings:

Accessing 'Planner Settings':

In the Budget Manager, locate the right menu and select the 'Planner Settings' option.

The 'Planner Settings' option is divided into two tabs: 'General' and 'Security.'

Configuring General Settings:

Navigate to the 'General' tab within the 'Planner Settings' section.

Three options are available for customization:

'Show Cost' - (Pending definition)

'Show Balance' - Displays the balance value of all Budget line items in the Planner.

'Show Budget' - Displays the Budget value of all Budget line items in the Planner.

By default, all options are enabled ('ON'), but users can toggle them based on specific requirements.

Implementing Privacy Mode:

If Planner Settings are turned On and If a user wishes to hide all Budget values, they can activate the 'Privacy' mode.

Turning on the 'Privacy' mode will ensure that all Budget and Balance values are hidden from view.

This feature is particularly useful during activities like LiveLink calls, where certain data needs to remain confidential.

Note: The Planner Settings is like global settings, applies to all users. However, if they are turned ON and if a user wants to mask it , for example during a call, he can turn it OFF only for himself using the Privacy mode.

Adapting Display Preferences:

Users can choose the specific data they want to display in the Planner by enabling or disabling the relevant options.

The changes made in the 'Planner Settings' section will directly impact the visibility of corresponding information in the Planner module.

Note: The Budget and Cost values are not shown in both Planner Tags and Dispatch Tags when 'Privacy' is turned ON.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23