In the Budget Manager, when creating a Budget line item categorized as 'Equipment' under the 'Cost Type,' users can now seamlessly associate a specific 'Manufacturer' and 'Model Number' with the item. 

The system facilitates two distinct methods for associating the Manufacturer and Model Number, either by manually selecting the manufacturer and entering the model number or by utilizing the Catalogs feature to auto-populate this information. 

Following are the Steps involved :

Manual Association:

After creating the Budget line item, navigate to the 'Budget Details' tab.

A new section titled 'Associate Manufacturer and Model' will be visible for 'Equipment' type line items.

Select the relevant 'Manufacturer' from the provided list of companies categorized as 'Material Vendor / Suppliers' in the 'Manage Companies' section.

Input the valid 'Model Number' of the equipment.

Save the Budget line item to confirm the association.

Association Using Catalogs:

Access the 'From Catalog' button located next to the 'Model Number' field.

Click the button to open the 'Catalogs' popup, displaying a comprehensive list of available equipment.

Utilize the filters in the left pane to streamline the search for the specific equipment.

Click on the desired equipment to open the 'Equipment Details' popup.

Select the 'Add' button to associate the equipment with the Budget Line item.

The Manufacturer and Model Number are automatically extracted and filled in the respective fields.

Click the 'Save' button to confirm the association, with the button turning 'Blue' to signify successful addition via the catalog option.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23