Mark-up FEE

Mark-up fees are a critical component of project budget, allowing General Contractors (GCs) to adjust project costs by adding fees to specific budget line items. This article explains the concept of Mark-up Fees in Budget Manager and how it affects the overall budget.

Adding Mark-up Fees

To enable Mark-up Fee for budget line items, in the budget settings of Budget Manager, a 'Allow to add line item Mark-up Fee' field must be enabled. 

Once this setting is enabled, when the line item is opened, in the right pane under ‘Budget Details’ section, a new field appears ‘Do you want to add a Mark-up Fee?’. Here, GCs can enter the Mark-up Fee in either an Amount or Percentage format. These fees are meant to adjust the cost of individual budget line items.

Once the Fee is entered and the item is saved, this is displayed in the new ‘Mark-up Fee’ column in the budget line item grid.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23