The Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) is responsible for acknowledging their intent to bid or declining a bid. When a Bid Manager (GC) invites a company to bid, the company's Bid Response Manager is set as the contact person. Here's an overview of the process:

Invitation to Bid:

  • The Bid Manager (GC) invites companies to bid

  • The Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) for each company receives a bid invitation notification

Acknowledging Intent to Bid or Decline:

  • The Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) can acknowledge their "Intent to Bid" by clicking "Yes" in the email notification

  • Alternatively, they can acknowledge their intent to bid by navigating to the Finance Tab -> Bid Response Manager tile. Selecting the Bid Response displays two options - "Decline Bid" and "I acknowledge my Intent to Bid"

  • They can also choose to "Decline Bid" if they are not interested in participating in the bid

Time Left to Bid:

  • There is a countdown timer displaying the "Time Left to Bid" in Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds

  • This timer is based on the "End Date" set for the bid during creation

  • It starts counting down from the date and time the bid was posted until the "No. of Days" specified in the "Intent to Bid" configuration

Intent to Bid Configuration:

  • The "Intent to Bid" is a configurable setting when a bid is created

  • If "Intent to Bid" is turned on, it will be displayed along with the timer and two buttons: "Decline Bid" and "I acknowledge my Intent to Bid"

  • If "Intent to Bid" is turned off, these buttons and the timer will not be shown.

Access to Bid Details:

  • Until the Intent to Bid is confirmed, the Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) will have access only to the "Bid Details" and "Reference Files" tabs

  • The "Bid Queries" and "Bid Response" tabs will be disabled and show a lock icon. They will be enabled for access once the intent to bid is confirmed

Expire Time for Intent to Bid:

  • If the Bid Response Manager does not acknowledge their intent to bid within the specified time frame, the bid will expire

  • The "Expired Time for Intent to Bid" warning icon will be displayed, and the bid status will change to "Expired"


  • Notifications are sent to the person who created the bid and to the Bidder

  • These notifications inform them about the status of the "Intent to Bid," whether it has been acknowledged, declined, or has expired

This process ensures that the Intent to Bid is timely acknowledged, and bidders are aware of the status of their bids.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23