In the Bid Details and Reference Files sections, the Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) gains access to crucial information and reference files to understand the bid package. Here's an overview of these sections:

Bid Details:

  • The Bid Details section provides essential information about the bid in a read-only format for the Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor)

  • It includes the following details:

    • Bid Package Details: Label at the top

    • Project Icon: Displays the project icon

    • Bid Package ID: The unique Bid ID

    • Project Location: Shows the project's location on Google Maps

    • Bid Description: Displays the description entered during bid creation

    • Bid Requested By: Includes the company logo, company name that requested the bid, company phone number, and company location

    • Bid Point of Contact: Displays the details of the person who created the bid (Bid Manager/GC), including their user icon, name, email ID, and phone number

    • Bid Instructions: Lists all the bid instructions added during the bid's configuration

    • Additional Info: Lists any additional information entered like Site Walkthrough sessions added in the bid

  • Sections such as 'Bidding CC emails,' 'Pre-Bid Information,' and 'Settings' are not shown to the Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) as these details are reserved for the Bid Manager (GC)

Reference Files:

  • The Reference Files tab displays all the reference files uploaded during bid creation in the 'Drawings,' 'Documents,' and 'Specifications' sections

  • A badge shows the total count of files uploaded in these categories

  • The Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) can click on these files to preview them in the standard viewer

These sections provide the Bid Response Manager (Sub-Contractor) with the necessary information and reference files to respond effectively to the bid.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23