Once a bid is in the Active state, you can post bid queries to seek clarifications or raise questions about the bid details and requirements. Posting bid queries ensures that you have a clear understanding of the bid, and it facilitates effective communication between the involved parties. Here's how to post a bid query:

  • Bid Status: Ensure that the bid is in the ‘Active’ state. Bid queries cannot be posted to bids in other statuses

  • Navigate to 'Bid Queries': In the ‘Bid Queries’ tab, you'll find a text box enabled for entering your queries. Type your questions or requests for clarification in the text box

  • Post Your Query: After composing your query, click enter or the post button. This action sends your query to the bid and makes it visible to other parties involved in the bid

  • Notifications: Notifications will be sent to the parties involved in the bid to inform them that a new query has been posted. These notifications ensure that everyone is aware of the new question or request for clarification

  • View and Reply: Bid participants, including the Bid Manager (GC) and other bidders, can view the posted queries. They can provide replies to the queries to address the concerns raised

  • Public and Private Replies: Users (GCs) have the option to choose whether they want their replies to be public or private:

    • Public Replies: Public replies are visible to all. They are beneficial for addressing common concerns or questions that may benefit all participants

    • Private Replies: Private replies are only displayed to the person who posted the query. They allow for confidential or specific communication between the query poster and the responder

Note: Bid queries cannot be posted to bids that are in statuses other than 'Active.' However, once a bid has been awarded, you can still view the bid queries to understand the communication and concerns that took place during the bidding process.

By effectively using bid queries and replies, participants ensure a smoother bidding process and better clarity regarding the bid's details and requirements.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23