Once the Bid Response Managers (Sub-Contractors) have acknowledged their intent to bid on a specific bid package, they can start preparing and submitting their bid response. Responding to a bid is a crucial step in the bidding process. Here's how to respond to a bid effectively.

Note: The 'Bid Responses' tab is initially disabled and becomes enabled only after Vendors have acknowledged their intent to bid by clicking 'I acknowledge my Intent to Bid'

Bid Response Tab:

The 'Bid Responses' tab is divided into different sections, each crucial for preparing a bid response:

a. Bid Package Details: This section lists all the 'Budget items' that were added during bid creation. It allows users to calculate the bid value. Clicking on the 'Calculator' icon for each work item, will reveal the 'Unit of Measure' and 'Unit Quantity' (both read-only). Users can then input the 'Unit Cost,' and the system will automatically calculate the 'Bid Value' based on the user's input

b. Bid Cover Letter: This is where users can include bid's cover letter, addressing it to the relevant parties
c. Bid Inclusions: To list all the inclusions and items they are offering as part of their bid. This information is crucial for the evaluation process
d. Bid Exclusions: To specify any items or aspects they are excluding from the bid. Being clear about exclusions helps prevent misunderstandings
e. Upload Supporting Documents: Users can upload any additional supportive documents that the bid creator may need to review before approving the bid. Users can simply drag and drop files into the designated area, or use the 'Upload Supportive Documents' button to browse and add files from the project files

  • Status Update: Clicking 'Submit Bid Response' will move the bid from the 'Draft' status to 'Ready to Submit.'

  • Time Left to Bid: As the bid is now submitted, the 'Time Left to Bid' timer will disappear, and the right side of the screen will display 'Responded on Date Time,' indicating the date and time of the bid response submission.

  • Confirmation Toast: Upon submission, users will receive a standard toast notification that provides a Bid Response ID.

  • Notifications: A notification is sent to both the Bid Response Manager and the Bid Creator, informing them that a bid response has been submitted, including the associated Bid Value.

By following these steps, users can ensure that the bid response is accurately calculated, well-documented, and ready for evaluation by the Bid Creator. A bid response plays a vital role in determining the outcome of the bidding process, and submitting it on time is essential to maintain a competitive edge.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23