In some instances, a bid package may require additional work items that were not initially included by the Bid Manager (GC) while creating the bid. This could be due to missing items or special requirements that subcontractors or vendors need to address. Bid Response Managers have the flexibility to add these extra work items to a bid before they submit their response. Here's how to add new items to a bid response:

Note: Users can add work items to a bid response only after they have acknowledged the bid, and the bid response is in the 'Draft' state.

Acknowledging the Bid: Users can start by acknowledging their intent to bid on a specific bid package. The bid response will then come into 'Draft' state.

'Bid Response' Tab: 

Bid Package Details Section: In the 'Bid Package Details' section, users will find a table that represents the work items for the bid. Initially, the first row is empty and allows you to add new work items and their corresponding bid values. All other rows represent the work items added while creating the bid.

  • Add a New Work Item:

    • Provide the required information for the new work item. The 'Unit Cost' field is where users need to enter the cost associated with this work item. The ‘Calculator’ icon lets them enter the budget value with UOM, Unit Cost & Quantity

    • The ‘+’ enables and clicking on the '+' button adds a new work item. This action enables to insert a new work item into the grid

    • The 'Grand Total' displayed at the bottom of the 'Work Items' section will update dynamically to reflect the total bid value. 

  • Submit Bid Response: Once users have specified the 'Bid Value' for all the work 

  • items, the 'Submit Bid Response' button will be enabled.

  • Status Update: By clicking 'Submit Bid Response,' the bid response will transition from the 'Draft' state to 'Ready to Submit' and users will receive a standard toast notification confirming the bid response submission, including a Bid Response ID.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23