In the Bid Manager section, the Bid Manager (GC) has the capability to shortlist a company (vendor) and subsequently click on the 'Award Bid' button. When this action is performed, the system presents a confirmation dialogue with the following two options:

  • Award Bid & Create Contract Later: Selecting this option awards the bid to the chosen vendor. A notification is triggered as described in the Bid Manager document, and the bid is marked as 'Awarded.'

  • Award Bid & Create Contract Now: Opting for this option not only awards the bid to the selected vendor but also automatically generates a contract in the 'Vendor Contracts' module. The newly created contract is set to the 'Draft' state, allowing the Vendor Contracts Manager (GC) to further process and manage the specific vendor contract.

If the user selects 'Award Bid & Create Contract Now,' the system automatically generates the contract and initiates it in the 'Draft' state within the 'Vendor Contracts' module. This streamlined process simplifies the contract creation and management for General Contractors and subcontractors, ensuring that all necessary steps are efficiently executed when awarding a bid to a vendor.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23