Contract Creators can attach contract-related files to the vendor contract they're working on, either from the 'Supplemental Contract Files' section or the 'Drive' folder.

Add Standard Contract Documents:

  • To add files, click on 'Add Standard Contract Documents'

  • A button titled 'Select Contract Attachments' will appear. GCs/Vendors can choose from files categorized as 'Vendor Contracts' or 'General'

  • Select one or more files and add them to the contract

  • The popup provides options like:

    • A sketch icon to view selected files in a separate browser tab

    • A search bar to find files based on criteria

    • A filter option with categories ('General' and 'Vendor Contract')

Additional Contract Files:

  • For adding any extra files apart from standard contract documents:

    • Click on 'Add Contract Files'

    • Two options will be displayed:

      • 'Select from Project Files': This option invokes 'Drive' for selecting one or multiple files from your project

      • 'Browse Files': Allows you to add one or multiple files by browsing locally

These steps make it convenient for Contract Creators to include all necessary contract-related files in the vendor contract.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23