The member with the Manage and Review my Company Contracts” role logs in and Navigates to the Finance → 'Vendor Contract' section, he sees all the contracts for his company for this project.

Below are the different statuses that the contracts can be in, when Sub Contractor logs in:


  1. Awaiting Acceptance  - When the GC posts the contract, the contract will stays in this stage till the Contract End Date. It changes to a different state if the sub contractor takes action on it. 

  2. Active - When sub contract accepts the contract

  3. Declined - When sub contractor declines the contract

  4. Sent back for Revision  - When sub contractor clicks on the 'Revise & Resubmit' button, the contract is set to this stage.

  5. On Hold: When, 

    1. Contract status = 'Awaiting Acceptance' (GC Posted the Contract to the Sub)

    2. Then GC unlocks the contract when the Sub contractor has not yet accepted the contract.

    3. Then for the Sub Contractor the status is shown as On Hold

    4. For the GC, the status is shown as 'Awaiting Acceptance Unlocked' 

  6. Expired: When Contract has been posted by the Contract creator and has not yet been accepted by the Sub Contractor. AND the current date is beyond the Contract End Date

Last Updated: Dec-11-23