The Vendor Contracts →Transactions Tab provides a comprehensive view of financial transactions related to a contract, including committed transactions, refunds, transfers, approved change orders, and more. Following are the details about Grid columns, and How to maximize/minimize the tab for enhanced visibility.

Grid below shows the example of a grid with no Transaction data


Ensure at least one Work Item (Budget line item) is associated with the selected Contract for accurate representation.

Tag Management:

Tags transition from the 'Forecast' tab to 'Transactions' upon verification. Tags follow predefined rules for display.

Committed Transactions:

  • Total Refund Amount

  • Total Transfer Amount

  • Total Approved COs: Displays the sum of approved Change Orders for the contract, aggregating their amounts.

  • Total Transaction Amount: Matches the summary at the bottom, indicating the sum of all transaction amounts across Budget line items.

Subtotal Section:

Aggregated values of 'Actual UOM QTY' and 'Actual Amount' for rollup tags.

Maximize Transaction Tab:

To view more data:Click on the 'Maximize' tab.

The 'Committed Transactions' section and the grid will expand, revealing additional details.

Click the 'Minimize' icon to revert to the normal view.

Note: Ensure the accuracy of data input and verify tags for seamless transition between tabs.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23