To Create a New Vendor Pay Application User can Navigate to Finance → Vendor Pay App Tile, which can be accessed by the Create and Manage Pay Applications with both Vendors & Clients(GC)  and all the (Vendors) Create and Manage my Company Pay Application 

The Vendor Pay Application Area allows Users to create Pay Application Items for Vendors using the following steps:

Selecting the Company

The User must select a vendor company from the provided list, excluding the 'Client' Company.

Choosing the Contract

After selecting the company, the User can choose a specific contract associated with the selected vendor.

Automatic Entries

The 'PO Number' is auto-generated and populated for the selected contract.

The 'Submitted Date' is automatically set to the current date, which can be adjusted if necessary.

Selecting Work Items

The 'Work Item' field displays all associated work items for the chosen contract.

'Green' dot appears next to work items with 'Ready to be Paid' status.

Reviewing Schedule of Values (SOV)

The 'Schedule of Values' field displays relevant SOVs based on the selected work item.

The SOVs will be different based on the type of work item selected (% or Unit-based).

Payment Status

The Payment Status column can display 'Paid,' 'Ready to be Paid,' 'Pending,' or 'Selected for Payment' statuses.

Initiating Payment

By selecting 'Ready to be Paid,' the status changes to 'Selected for Payment,' indicating the User’s intention to pay.

Amount Calculation

The 'Amount' field updates dynamically, summing the 'Payout Amount' of the selected items.

Generating Vendor Pay Item

After selecting all relevant SOVs, the User can click the 'Add' button to generate a Vendor Pay Item with a unique Pay ID.

Important Note:

A previously selected SOV can't be reused until the existing Pay App Item is rejected or deleted.

Refer the following to understand how Vendor Pay Apps can be auto-generated by the system -

System generated Vendor Pay App

Last Updated: Dec-11-23