Editing Schedule of Values (SOVs) Only if the SOV is in the Draft State

The Create and Manage Pay Applications with both Vendors & Clients (GC) / Create and Manage my Company Pay Application(Sub Contractor) is granted the ability to edit Schedule of Values (SOVs) within a Payapp item when it's in the 'Draft' state. The following are the steps involved in modifying the SOVs and the subsequent actions triggered by such modifications.

Accessing the Payapp Item

User opens the right pane and navigates to the 'Schedule of Values' tab, which presents all the Work Items with at least one selected SOV in separate grids.

Managing SOVs

Clicking the 'Manage SOV' button allows User to view all the SOVs for a specific Work Item, displaying the selection statuses in a dropdown format.

Modifying the SOV

By toggling the selection status, User can unselect an already chosen SOV item, leading to its removal from the grid under the respective Work Item.

Recalculating Amount

The 'Amount' field is automatically recalculated, reflecting the changes made to the selected SOVs.

Forced Changes

Any modification in the 'Amount' field disables the 'Submit Payout Application' button, necessitating User  to reselect the token values and add the signature.

Since there was a modification in the 'Amount', the following changes are forced. .

'Submit Payout Application' button is disabled.

The 'Token Values' and the 'Signature' are erased.

User has to again select the token, so that the new amount is filed in the Lien Waiver file.


Once the token values are updated and the signature is added, the 'Submit Pay Application' button is enabled again.

Status Update

Clicking the 'Submit Pay Application' button changes the status from 'Draft' to 'Submitted and Awaiting Other Party,' indicating successful submission.

Important Note:

If a Pay Item is deleted or rejected, or if any SOV items are removed after being initially selected for payment, those SOV items become available for selection to create another Payapp item. This functionality is triggered only under these specific conditions.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23