Following are the steps involved for the Create and Manage my Company Pay Application (Sub Contract Pay Manager) to reject a Pay Application Item sent by the Create and Manage Pay Applications with both Vendors & Clients(GC)and the subsequent status changes for both parties.

Initiation of Rejection:

The Create and Manage my Company Pay Application (Sub Contract Pay Manager), initiates the rejection process upon reviewing the Pay Application Item and deciding that it does not meet the necessary requirements.

Rejection Popup:

Upon selecting the 'Reject' option, a 'Reject Pay Application' popup appears, prompting the User to enter the reason for rejection.

Submission of Rejection:

After providing the rejection reason, the User clicks the 'Submit' button to proceed with the rejection process.

Status Update:

The status of the Pay Application Item changes from 'Awaiting Acceptance' to 'Rejected,' indicating the rejection of the Pay Application Item by the User.

Interface Changes:

The buttons at the bottom are no longer displayed for the User, streamlining the interface for clear communication of the rejection status.

Notification of Rejection:

A notification labeled "Pay Item Rejected" appears in the left bottom corner of the right pane, providing a timestamp and the User’s name for reference.

Communication with the General Contractor:

The rejection process triggers a notification for both parties, prompting the GC to review the rejection and make necessary updates to create a new Pay Application Item as required.

The rejection process ensures that the User can effectively communicate any concerns or discrepancies within the Pay Application Item, facilitating transparent collaboration and the timely resolution of issues between both the parties.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23