Draft: The initial status of a Pay App Item upon creation.

Submitted & Waiting  other party: Status when the General Contractor (GC) submits the Pay Application to the Vendor.

Payment Authorized: Status when the Subcontractor accepts the Pay after signing the Lien form.

Autogenerated and waiting both parties: When a Pay Item is Auto generated when the SOV was achieved and the Contract is set to  'Auto Create Pay Application'= ON

Note: This status is the same as 'Draft'. Just because it is autogenerated, it is visible to both parties.

 If GC edits it and Submits it, then, it moves to 'Submitted, Awaiting Other Party' status waiting for the Subcontractor to take action. 

Similarly, If Subcontractor edits it and then submits it, then , it moves to the 'Submitted, Awaiting Other Party' status, waiting for the GC to take action.

Payment Received: Status indicating that the payment has been received.

Payment Sent: Status indicating that the payment has been sent.

Rejected: Status assigned when the Subcontractor rejects the Pay Item by clicking the 'Reject' button.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23