Users with either "Create and Manage Contracts, Vendors & Clients" permission (GC) or “Approve Contracts from GC'' permission (Client) can create Client Contracts. By logging into the application and navigating to the "Client Contracts" section, they can see all the contracts that have been created for the client.

Creating a New Client Contract:

To initiate a new client contract, a user follows these steps:

  • Provide a Title (Mandatory): Enters the name or title for the new contract being created

  • Select a Client Company (Mandatory): Chooses the client company from the available options. The client companies are those marked as "Client" in the Company Type

  • Specify the Type (Mandatory): Chooses the contract type between a "Proposal / Quote" or a "Contract"

  • Define the Contract Start Date (Optional): Selects the start date of the contract using a date picker

  • Specify the Contract End Date (Optional): Chooses the end date of the contract using a date picker

Adding a New Client Contract:

  • After entering all the mandatory information and any optional details, the user can click on the "Add" button

  • This action creates a new contract in the "Draft" state, and it appears in the grid for further management

Now, the user can effectively manage all aspects of the client contract, including reviewing, editing, and transitioning its state as needed. Please note that if there is only one client company defined, the Client Company field will be auto-populated, simplifying the contract creation process for the logged in user.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23