Once a Client Contract has been created in a ‘Draft’ state, double-clicking on the client contract will open the contract to the "Contract Details" tab

Client Company Details:

  • Company Name: This field displays the company name, which is set as the client

  • Company Email: The email address associated with the client company

  • Company Phone: The phone number of the client company

Note: These details are fetched from the Company Manager for the specific client company.

Client Company Point of Contact:

  • In this section, users will find details of the person assigned as the default point of contact for the client company:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Phone Number

Note: These details are fetched from the user who has been assigned the "Client Contract Manager" role. If more than one company member is assigned the role, they will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Contract Details:

Here, the users can modify the core contract information:

  • Contract Start Date: This field displays the contract's start date if it was entered during creation. It is a mandatory field

  • Contract End Date: Similar to the start date, this field shows the contract's end date if it was previously entered. It is mandatory field

  • PO Number: You can enter or modify a unique purchase order (PO) number in this field

Contract Cover Letter / Inclusions / Exclusions (Optional):

Contract Creator can optionally add or modify:

  • Contract Cover Letter: Users can enter or edit a cover letter for the contract

  • Inclusions: Add or modify the inclusions section

  • Exclusions: Include or edit the exclusions section

All changes made will be automatically saved by the application. Please note that any changes made to the contract details will be reflected in the contract information. Additionally, these details may be part of the notifications sent when the contract is posted or updated.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23