The setup and management of the Schedule of Values (SOV) for client contracts involve a few different scenarios depending on whether it's the first contract for a project or subsequent contracts. Below are the details for handling SOV in various situations for GCs and Clients:

Setting Up SOV for the FIRST Client Contract: When creating the first client contract for a project, you have two options for setting up the Schedule of Values:

  1. Include the Entire Budget:

    1. This option is only available when creating the very first client contract for a project

    2. It allows users to include the entire budget for that project in the SOV

    3. Once this option is chosen for the first contract, it will be disabled for subsequent contracts

  2. Include a Subset of the Budget Line Items (Default):

    1. This is the default option for creating the SOV for the first client contract

    2. It allows you to include only specific budget line items in the SOV

    3. After the first client contract is created with this option, "Include the Entire Budget" becomes disabled for subsequent contracts

Switching Between Subset and Entire Budget (First Contract Only): During the creation of the first client contract, since the contract is not yet posted, the user can switch between the "Subset" and "Entire Budget" option with a user confirmation

Search Functionality: The search functionality is a standard search control without grouping and filtering as part of the search.

Setting Up SOV for Subsequent Client Contracts: After the first client contract is created, users can only use the "Include Subset of the Budget Line Items" option for SOV. It means that they will not be able to include the entire budget in the SOV for subsequent contracts.

SOV Grid in Subsequent Contracts:

  • When creating subsequent client contracts, the budget line items that were added to previous contracts will not be available for selection again, except in cases where the contract involving those same budget line items has been rejected or has expired

  • The grid will show the total budget value, the total number of selected budget line items, and the total budget value of the selected items


  • The grid provides filtering options to help the user distinguish between contracted and non-contracted budget items.

    • Contracted: These are budget items that have been added to previous client contracts and are not available for selection in the current contract

    • Not Contracted: These are budget line items available for selection

Removing Budget Line Items:

  • When one or more budget line items are removed from the SOV, users will be prompted with a confirmation dialog. If confirmed, the grid will refresh, and the total budget value of selected items will be updated

  • The users will receive a friendly toast notification to cross-check the Schedule of Values (SOV) data for accuracy after the changes

These measures help ensure that the SOV for client contracts accurately reflects the budgeted work for each specific contract.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23