Contract creators (GCs or Clients) can attach contract related files for the contract under consideration. To manage contract-related files for Client Contracts, there are two categories of files: ‘Standard Contract Files’ and ‘Additional Contract Files’. Here's how to handle both types:

Standard Contract Files:

  • Click on the 'Add Standard Contract Documents' button to open the 'Select Contract Attachments' popup

  • In the popup, files categorized as 'Client Contracts' and 'General' are displayed. Select one or more files and add them to the contract

  • The popup provides several functionalities, including a sketch icon in the toolbar, allowing you to open files in a sketch in a separate browser tab. Users can also use the search function to find specific files based on their criteria

  • The Filter button in the search has a 'Category' option with two choices:

    • General

    • Client Contract

  • The 'Contract Files' section added will be displayed as a grid layout with the following columns:

    • Document ID

    • File Name

    • Description

    • File Thumbnail: Tapping on the File Thumbnail invokes the standard Quick View

Additional Contract Files: If users want to add files other than the standard contract documents, the steps need to be followed:

  • Click on 'Add Contract Files,' and two options will be displayed:

    • 'Select from Project Files': This option invokes Drive for users to select one or multiple files from the project's DRIVE Module

    • 'Browse Files': This option allows users to add one or more files by browsing locally from their device

This way, users can manage and attach the necessary files related to the Client Contracts, either from the standard documents or additional files as required.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23