Once a Client Contract has been filled in with all required information, the users will be provided with two options - “Lock & Post Contract” and “Route For Approval”. In some cases, the users (GCs / Clients) may want to directly post a contract without going through intermediate states or approvals. The 'Lock & Post Contract' button serves this purpose and is enabled when the following criteria are met:

  • Start and End Dates for the contract are filled in

  • All work items associated with the contract have their Schedule of Value (SOV) fully configured, indicated by green ticks next to all work items

Clicking on the 'Lock & Post Contract' button:

  • Changes the status of the contract from 'Draft' to 'Ready to Post'

  • A confirmation dialog appears with "Yes" and "Cancel" buttons

  • Clicking "Yes" in the confirmation pop-up triggers the following actions:

    • The status of the contract changes from "Ready to Post" to "Active"

    • A green banner is displayed, indicating that the contract is now "Active"

    • A notification is sent to the other party, informing them that the contract is now "Active"

    • The button at the bottom of the Contract for the user changes to 'Unlock Contract'

  • If the user clicks "Cancel" in the confirmation dialog, the action is canceled, and the user is returned to the contract screen

Change Event Scenario:

  • In the scenario where Client Contracts are auto-created by the system due to a Change Event, it follows the same flow as a manually created client contract

  • The system-created contracts initially exist in the "Draft" state, and the users can choose to route the contract or post it directly as needed

Last Updated: Dec-11-23