When the user (GC / client) wants the other party to acknowledge the contract with their signature, they can use the "Route For Approval" button. To enable this action, the following criteria must be met:

  • Start and End Dates for the contract are filled in

  • All work items associated with the contract have their Schedule of Value (SOV) fully configured, indicated by green ticks next to all work items

Route For Approval:

  • User clicks on the "Route For Approval" button. This initiates the routing for the approval process

  • A confirmation dialog appears with "Yes" and "Cancel" buttons

  • Confirming the Action:

    • If the user clicks "Yes" in the confirmation pop-up, the following actions occur:

      • The contract is routed to the other party for approval

      • The status of the contract changes from "Ready to Post" to "Awaiting Acceptance"

      • A green banner is displayed, indicating that the contract is now awaiting acceptance

      • A notification is sent to the other party to take appropriate action,  accepting or declining the contract

      • The button at the bottom of the Contract for the user changes to 'Unlock Contract'

  • Canceling the Action:

    • If the user clicks "Cancel" in the confirmation dialog, the action is canceled, and the user is returned to the previous screen.

The "Route For Approval" feature allows users to initiate the approval process and have the contract reviewed and acknowledged by the other party, providing a more formalized and documented acceptance process for the contract.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23