The Client Contract can be in one of the following Status shown below:


  1.  Draft - When a contract is just created, contract will be in draft status.

  2.  Ready to Submit - When all necessary fields have been filled-in and saved.

a. Start & End Dates for the client contract has to be filled in 

b. In the "Schedule of Value" Tab, GC should have at least one budget line item        selected if the option selected is "Include Subset of the line Items" or "Include the entire Budget" option  selected.

c. In the Billing Schedule Tab, Based on the Billing Schedule Type configured:

i. If 'Percent Complete' is configured, the total Percentage Payout has to be configured for the full Contract Amount.

ii. If 'Dollar Amount' is configured, the Payout Amount has to be configured for the full Contract Amount.

iii. If 'Pay when Paid' is configured, there should be one option properly configured. 

  1.  Scheduled - When all necessary fields have been filled-in and the Contract is posted with a future start date. It will automatically change from 'Scheduled' to 'Awaiting Acceptance' when the 'Current date' is equal to Contract Start Date.

  2.  Awaiting Acceptance  - When a contract is posted with all mandatory values and 'Contract Start Date' is either equal to or less than current date.

  3. Awaiting Acceptance Unlocked - When, 

    • Contract status = 'Awaiting Acceptance' (GC Posted the Contract to the Client)

    • Then GC unlocks the contract when the Client has not yet accepted the contract.

    • Then for the Client the status is shown as On Hold

    • For the GC, the status is shown as 'Awaiting Acceptance Unlocked' 

  4.  Active - When Client has accepted the contract.

  5.  Expired - When client has not accepted the contract and contract end date has elapsed.

  6.  Closed - When all Billing Schedules are paid accordingly.  

  7.  Contract Not Accepted - When client declines the contract.

  8.  Sent back for Revision  - When Client clicks on the 'Revise & Resubmit' button, the contract is set to this stage.

  9. Total Contract Value: Consolidated Sum of the Total 'Contract Amount' of ALL  the Contracts excluding the contacts in any of the below status  

    • Draft

    • Scheduled 

    • Expired

    • Contract Not Accepted

Last Updated: Dec-11-23