The member with Approve & Manage Client Contracts role logs in and accesses the Finance → 'Client Contract' section, he sees all the contracts for his company for this project.


Below are the different statuses that the contracts can be in:

  1. Awaiting Acceptance  - When the GC posts the contract, the contract will stay in this stage till the Contract End Date. It changes to a different state if the Client contractor takes action on it. Else, it goes to 'Expired' state.

  2. Active - When client accepts the contract

  3. Declined - When client declines the contract

  4. Sent back for Revision  - When the client contractor clicks on the 'Revise & Resubmit' button, the contract is set to this stage.

  5. On Hold: When a Contract status = 'Awaiting Acceptance' & GC unlocks the contract. Then for the Client Contractor the status is shown as 'On Hold' and the for the GC the status is shown as 'Active Unlocked

  6. Expired - When client has not accepted the contract and contract end date has elapsed.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23