To Create a New Client Pay Application User can Navigate to Finance → Client Pay App Tile, which can be accessed by the Create and Manage Pay Applications with both Vendors & Clients (GC) and all the Approve & Manage Client Pay Applications (Clients). 

Following are the steps involved in creating a new Client Pay Application:

Company Selection: User begins by selecting the client company from a pre-populated list of configured 'Client' Companies. The system restricts the options to ensure the selection of the appropriate company associated with the contract.

Contract Selection: Upon choosing the client company, the available contracts linked to the selected company are displayed for the User's reference. The system automatically generates a unique PO number for the selected contract.

Submission Date: The submission date field allows the User to enter the date of submission. While it auto-populates the current date, users can modify it as required.

Billing Schedule Overview: The Billing Schedules section presents a comprehensive view of all the billing schedules configured for the selected contract, providing insights into the various payment milestones.

Payment Status: The Payment Status column offers three distinct statuses - 'Paid,' 'Ready to be Paid,' and 'Pending.' Each status provides essential information regarding the progress of the payment process.

Initiating Payments: By selecting 'Ready to be Paid' at the designated work completion milestone, User  triggers a status change to 'Selected for Payment.' This action prompts the system to process the payout as per the predetermined configuration.

Billing Schedule Configuration: The Billing Schedule can be configured based on either a percentage completion model or a dollar amount-based structure, providing flexibility in catering to diverse contract requirements.

Auto Creation of Pay Applications: The 'Auto Create Pay Application' feature, when enabled in the Billing Schedule tab at the contract level, automates the creation of Pay Items. These items are seamlessly integrated into the 'Payment Ledger' tab of the Contracts page, ensuring a synchronized and transparent transaction process.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23