User can Navigate to Finance → Client Pay App Tile, check the Details of the Client Pay Application created by clicking on the Client Application Row, which Opens the Right Pane with the Pay Application Details Tab.

The Pay Application Details Tab will show the following details:

Client Company Details:

Company Name: Displays the name of the client company, sourced directly from the information listed in the Manage Companies section, ensuring accuracy and consistency in data representation.

Company Email: Provides the email address associated with the client company, facilitating streamlined communication channels for correspondence and updates.

Company Phone: Displays the contact number of the client company, serving as a direct point of contact for inquiries and communication needs.

Client Point of Contact:

Name: Reflects the name of the designated point of contact within the client company, ensuring direct and effective communication channels.

Email: Provides the email address of the designated point of contact, facilitating seamless correspondence for any contract-related discussions.

Phone Number: Displays the phone number of the designated point of contact, ensuring accessibility for immediate communication requirements.

Contract Summary:

PO Number: Automatically generated and displayed, the PO number serves as a unique identifier for the specific contract, simplifying the process of contract management and documentation.

Invoice Amount: Represents the total sum calculated by aggregating all the items selected for the Pay App, providing a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects associated with the selected items.

Pay Application Amount: Reflects the overall sum derived from the combination of all Billing Schedule Items selected for the Pay App, accounting for any additional adjustments such as markup fees, contingencies, or down payments.

Submitted Date: Displays the date entered during the creation of the PayApp item, defaulting to the current date for ease of reference and accurate record-keeping.

Contract Name: Appears as an active hyperlink, allowing users to navigate seamlessly to the Contracts page for an in-depth overview of the specific contract details and associated information.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23