Create and Manage Pay Applications with both Vendors & Clients (Vendor Pay Manager - GC) and Approve & Manage Client Pay Applications (Client Pay Manager), holds the authority to manage and modify Pay Application (Payapp) items in the draft state, streamlining the process of ensuring accurate Schedule of Values (SOVs) before submission. 

Once the PayApp is Modified and submitted, it is Read-Only for both parties. 

Note : The Approve & Manage Client Pay Applications (Client Pay Manager) would display the contracts awarded to his company and its SOVs.

Modifying SOVs and Pay Applications:

Accessing Pay App Details: After selecting the Pay App Item in the draft state, the 'Pay Application Details' tab is available for review but remains read-only, ensuring data integrity and transparency throughout the process.

Editing SOVs: By clicking on the 'Billing Schedule' tab, User can view the existing SOV items in the grid. The 'Manage SOV' button allows for modifications, enabling the selection or deselection of specific SOV items based on the 'Ready to be Paid' status.

Adjustment of Payout Amount: As the SOVs are modified, the 'Total Payout Amount' is automatically adjusted to reflect the changes, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Revalidation Process: In the event of modifications to the payout amount, the 'Submit Payout Application' button is disabled as a precautionary measure. The system erases the 'Token Values' and 'Signature,' prompting User to reselect the token and add the signature to validate the new payout amount.

Submission of Pay Application: After confirming the updated token values and adding the signature, the 'Submit Pay Application' button is re-enabled, allowing User to initiate the submission process. Upon clicking the button, the status of the Pay App item transitions from 'Draft' to 'Submitted and Awaiting Other Party,' ensuring a seamless and transparent workflow within the system.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23