Following are the steps involved for the Client - Approve & Manage Client Pay Applications to reject pay items and prompt the GC Create and Manage Pay Applications with both Vendors & Clients to make necessary updates or modifications before resubmission.

Rejecting Pay Items:

Accessing the Rejection Popup: Upon review, if the Client is not satisfied with the Pay Item, they can initiate the rejection process. By clicking on the 'Reject' option, the Client triggers the 'Reject Pay Application' popup to provide the necessary details for the rejection.

Providing Rejection Reason: In the 'Reject Pay Application' popup, the Client enters the specific 'Reason' for rejecting the Pay Item, ensuring clear and transparent communication for the GC to understand the grounds for rejection.

Submission and Status Update: Upon entering the rejection reason, the Client clicks on the 'Submit' button, prompting the status of the Pay Application to change from 'Awaiting Acceptance' to 'Rejected,' signaling the need for the GC to review and make necessary updates.

Display of Rejection Status: The Client no longer has access to the buttons at the bottom of the right pane. Instead, the "Pay Application Rejected By" is prominently displayed in the left bottom corner of the right pane, providing clear visibility and acknowledgment of the rejection action. On hovering over this status, the client name and the date and time of rejection are displayed, ensuring complete transparency and accountability within the system.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23