Draft: The default status when a Payapp Item is initially created.

Submitted and Waiting for Other Party: The status is set when the General Contractor (GC) submits the Pay Application to the Client, awaiting the Client's review and response.

Payment Authorized: The status is triggered when the Client accepts the Pay Application, typically upon signing the Lien form, indicating the Client's approval for the payment process to proceed.

Autogenerated and Waiting for Both Parties: This status is assigned when a Pay Item is automatically generated as a result of the Billing Schedule being achieved, and the Contract is set to 'Auto Create Pay Application' = ON, streamlining the payment processing for both parties.

Payment Received: This status is assigned when the payment has been successfully received and processed, providing confirmation of the completion of the payment transaction.

Payment Sent: The status indicates that the payment has been sent to the appropriate recipient, ensuring transparency and clarity in the payment processing and transfer procedures.

Rejected: The status is assigned when the Client clicks on the 'Reject' button, prompting the Pay Item to be set to the rejection stage, requiring further action or modification from the General Contractor.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23