Tile Display Sequence and Date Preference Configuration in Drawings Folder

The Settings Page on Clicking the Gear Icon on the Drawings Folder has been enhanced to Configure the Tile Display Sequence.

This would now include the following sections:

1. Tile Display Settings

2.  Default Tile Display Size

3.  Date Preferences

1) Tile Display Settings

The Tile Display Settings section allows administrators to configure the sequence of fields displayed on drawing file tiles.

Sub Header : Rearrange the tiles in your display.


Drawing Name (Not allowed to rearrange)

Type Discipline

Sheet Title




All fields, except Drawing Name, can be rearranged using standard drag & drop.

The configured sequence applies to both Tile and Grid Views.

On save, the Tile Display Settings are applied to all main and subfolders in the Drawings section.

2) Default Tile Display Size

This section allows administrators to set the default display size for drawing tiles.

Sub Header : Select your tile size.


Small Size (Zoom Level 1)

Mid Size (Zoom Level 2)

Large Size (Zoom Level 3)

Grid View


The selected size becomes the default zoom level for all tiles in the Drawing Folder.

All users in the project will see the same default zoom setting.

Grid View option displays tiles in a grid format.

Small Size (Zoom Level 1)

Mid Size (Zoom Level 2)

Large Size (Zoom Level 3)

Grid View

3) Date Preferences

The Date Preferences section allows administrators to select the date type to be displayed on drawing tiles.

Sub Header : Select date type to be displayed in the tile.


Date Issued

Last Modified

Revision Date


Date preferences are set to display in the order configured in the Tile Display Settings section.

The selected date type is applied project-wide for all users.

Additional Information:

This configuration is available only on desktop devices.

Access is limited to project Admins and Super Admins.

Once configured, the settings apply to all user profiles across the entire project and on all devices.

A 'Drawing Tile Display Sequence' tooltip appears on hover.

Changes made are saved by clicking the 'Save' button on the Settings Page.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23