The LiveLink Video player in the LiveLink Meetings Folder allows a User accessing Meeting Info from a LiveLink video player. An Info "i" icon has been introduced in the player to view this information.

This section describes a User accessing Meeting Info from LiveLink video player:

User navigates to the LiveLink Meetings Folder.

User Double Clicks on one of the LiveLink Videos

The Video opens in the Player as shown below upon double clicking on the Video File.

At the top of the player an "i" (info) icon has been introduced. User clicks on this icon.

  • The widget has an 'Info" icon followed by a label 'Meeting Info' along with minimize and close icons. It displays the 'Description" at the top(If any) else, it will be blank and the EDIT pencil will be available if User needs to add a new description from here .  

Note: Any changes made to the description from here will be only to this video only. It will not update the 

'Description' of the future scheduled meetings. 

  • Below it, the 'Meeting Details' section will show 
  •  Meeting Date / Time 
  •  Frequency 
  •  Duration 
  •  Counts of Invitees and the counts of members who attended and who didn't attend is displayed. 
  •  Below this count, all the attendees list is displayed 

           Note: If the list is long, it is scroll-able.  

LiveLink Video Player in LiveLink Folder 

  • Even when a LiveLink file is played inside the LiveLink folder, the player displays an info 'i' icon as shown below. Clicking on the icon will open the same widget with the same information as described above in the previous section.

Info Widget for Videos in Video Folder in Drive 

  • When a video is played under Videos folder or when Video is player from the application, it plays as a popup and no video file details is displayed. Hence user has to close the player and click on the Info icon to view any details about the video. In order to show these details, an Info "i" icon has been provided in the top right hand corner of the video player as shown in the mockup.  Clicking on the "i" icon will show the same 'Info" widget as shown below. 

  • The INFO for Video files that are NOT played from Livelink or Meeting Minutes folder has to show the Info of what we currently display in the Info Panel in Drive, Bring in the same Info Panel control here and display the same information.  

Note: The same function is available in the devices and the Info "i" icon is available in the tablet and mobile devices

Video Thumbnail

  • If a LiveLink call is started with all members turning off their video and not sharing their screen, then, the thumbnail of the file in the LiveLink Meeting Folder is displayed as a black rectangle. In order to have a better user experience, If a LiveLink video call has any member(s) either Camera turned ON or screen shared, then, for those calls there will be a thumbnail that shows up as displayed in the mockup. The Thumbnail displays: 'No Video or screen sharing at this time' 

  • LiveLink Meetings Folder will show a similar thumbnail as shown in the below images, If Screen was share and the actual snap show is available then the actual Thumbnail will take higher precedence instead of the  'No Video or screen sharing at this time' 

Last Updated: Dec-11-23