A Tag can be added on Maps just like we can add it on Sketch or on a Board in Planner Mode. 

A toolbar icon Linear Viewer is visible when you navigate to the Map Mode.

Note: This is visible only if the Project has been configured as a Linear Project. (A project can be configured as a linear project or a polygon project.)

Clicking on this icon opens the Linear viewer.

You are then asked to pick a segment on which you want to create the Tag.

Note: One or more linear segments can be configured in the 'Project Locations' section and all those Linear segments are displayed here

Pick the linear segment on which you want to create the tag.

All the tags created for the segment will be displayed in the left pane of the page

Based on the requirement, we can pick the Start point and the End point for the tag being created from one of these tags by picking the Start or End of each tag respectively.

In other words, for the new tag being created I can choose either the end point of a tag as start point or the start point of the tag as the start point.

Once the Start and End points for the tag are picked, click on 'Create Tag' 

It opens the Create Tag popup with the Start and End points and the segment fields pre-filled.

You can enter other details that are required to create the tag like start and end dates, the app where the tag needs to get created once dispatched etc. and Add the Tag.

The Tag gets placed at the chosen 'Start At' on the map. The linear Tag is indicated as a Popsicle with a line 

Hovering on the tag will show the the tag details 

Last Updated: Dec-10-23