This Feature enables Users to view Project Locations on MAPS from Project Central. It also enables Users to access Project Info, Project Team, Project Comments and Project Streams of a Project.

Map Mode

  • A Map Mode Tab appears on Project Central which enables the User to access the Project Info and other Project related Information via Map View Representation. 

Project Locations of Projects on Map Mode

  • All Projects for which a User has access, that are displayed in Project Central can also be viewed in the Map Mode.
  • User clicks on the Map Mode shows 'Show Project Area' slider button (Off by Default) is shown at the top right hand corner as shown in the image.
  • The Map Mode loads and displays all the Project Locations on the Map. These locations are the ones that are added during creation of the Project in the Add Project Page.

Note: Based on the Location(s) to be displayed across the globe and the number of Locations on the Map, the right zoom level has to be set.

  • Users can hover or single click on a Project Location to see a popup with the following information:
  • Project Name (Hot link): Show Project Name, with project Type shown next to it.
  • Project Image by Info scroll-able.
  • Project Info -  It will show all the Project Info in read-only format. It is scroll-able.
  • Project Team - Clicking on shows the Project Team data in a new pop up frame. 
  • Companies - Load Manage Companies data in a new pop up frame. 
  • Apps - Load App Studio data in a new pop up frame. 
  • Project Comments - Clicking on this tab will display comments at the Project level
  • Project Stream - Clicking on this tab will display Stream at the Project level
  • Users can click on the Project Name (on hover) or double click on the Location pin to navigate inside the project. User can click on the Project Name, which will load the Project. 

Device Screens:

The functionalities remain the same as on the Desktop Version.

Display Project Area on Map

  • When the User is in Map Mode in Project Central, a slider 'Show Project Area' is displayed to the left of the tabs and is OFF by default. By default, the switch is in OFF position, displaying the GPS locations of the Projects the user has access to.
  • User slides the switch and the Map starts to reflect the Project boundary(Area) defined for each Project as shown in the image.

Linear Project Example:

  • When 'Show Map Area' is Off, then the project GPS location is displayed as shown previously. When it is turned ON if a Project is Linear, then, all the Linear segments of the Project are displayed on the Map.

Project Team Access

  • The Project Team page of a project can be accessed from the Map Mode from Project Central.
  • Users hover/click on the Project Location (or the Project Area) of a Project on the Map and a popup is displayed. Click on the Project Team Tab (2nd Tab) in the popup to open the Project Team window.


  • Clicking on Companies will Load Manage Companies Data in a new pop up window and Apps will Load App Studio Data in a new pop up window. 

Tablet Screen Examples:

The functionalities remain the same as on the Desktop Version.

Load Project

When a User is in the Map Mode, the navigation inside the Project is possible (Load Project) in one of the following ways

  •  Clicking on the Project Name in the hover card.

  •  Double clicking on the Project Location or on the Project Area (Based on whether it is ON or OFF).

Project Comments and Project Streams

  • Clicking on the Streams and Comments icon will open the respective widgets in the right side on top of Map, like it opens in Project Central, the same data will be displayed here.

Project Central Analytics Tab sample

  • Clicking on the Analytics Tab in Project Central, will display predefined Analytical Reports. The analytic reports shown in the image are place holders. The actual analytical reports available to the end user will be decided and configured accordingly.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23