Linear Tags on Map Mode

This document will help Users to create Linear Tags on Map Mode.

Note: This toolbar button is visible only if the project is configured as a Linear Project or else it's hidden.

Add Linear Tag

1. Users click on the 'Linear Viewer' toolbar button in Map Mode in a Linear Project.

2. Linear Viewer opens with all the segments shown on the map.

3. Users click ‘Select the segment to start’ for which he wants to add a tag.

4. All the linear tags created for the segment are displayed in the left pane.

5. User picks the start and end from these tags to create a new tag.

6. Once picked, User clicks on the 'Create Tag' button.

7. The 'Add Tag' opens with the Segment, Start and End points selected.

8. User fills all the other details for the tag and clicks on the 'Add' Button.

9. The new tag is created and a toast is displayed. The Linear Viewer remains open till the User closes it. User clicks on the 'x' and closes the Linear Viewer.

10. In the Map mode, the user is navigated to the location where the linear tag was created and the tag is

shown as displayed below.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23