GIS (Geographic Information System) Layers

This feature will enhance the User experience when using the GIS Layers in Map Mode. We have a count at the top of the Properties popup, using which the User can navigate between the layers at the clicked point on the map. Also, the layers icon is an indication whether the layer is of polygon, polyline types etc.

GIS Layers are additional layers that are overlaid on Maps which give additional information about the location. The recent enhancement which shows the selected GIS layers data on maps and then the content of a footprint when that layer is active.

Layers Properties

Here, when a User selects the layers on the map, all the outlines are shown as below.

When a user clicks on a particular point in a map, it will have multiple layers underneath.

For Ex: If there are 3 layers( States, Counties and Buildings) at the point where the user clicked. The popup that shows the properties of the layer now has the ability to show the properties of all the layers beneath one after the other.

It first shows the properties of the State Layer. At the top of the popup, we have introduced the "<" and ">" buttons which can be clicked. User clicks on the 'Next', now the user is navigated to the 'Buildings Properties Page'. Also, when the user is in the respective layer, he can click on the 'Wrench/Spanner' icon and perform the custom activities defined for the respective layer.

Note: Based on the type of layer whether it is a polygon or a polyline or a point, we have chosen to display the icon next to the layer. This helps the user to know what's the outcome on the map when the GIS layer is selected.  The popup first shows the Properties of the topmost layer which is the State Layer. User clicks on the 'Next' button which will then navigate the user to the Counties Properties of the area where the user had clicked.

Device screens:



Screen below shows when is only one layer clicked:


1. Smart Item Creation on GIS Tab: - It's similar to creation of a Smart Item / Add Tag / Add Link from SmartApp Tab on Map Mode, User will be able to now create a Smart Item / Add Tag / Add Link by clicking on the 'Add' FAB button when in the GIS Tab. The security of adding any of the three remains same as it is currently available on the SmartApp Tab.

Device Screens:





2. When clicked on the FAB Button, the system analyzes that the user is in the process of creating a smart item/link/tag and hence it will allow creation and will not display the GIS Layer Info popup.

3. All the enabled GIS Layers are shown in all the 3 tabs: namely SmartApp Tab, People Tab and GIS Tab.

4. Only in GIS Tab, when clicked anywhere on the map, it displays the ‘Object Properties’ popup which shows the GIS layer information of all the layers present at the point where the user has clicked.

(Note: This popup is not shown when user in SmartApp and People Tab)

5. If there is ‘No Data’ present for a selected layer at the point where the user has clicked, then the Object Properties popup will show a watermark with 'No data available for this layer' as shown below.

Device View:



6. The Function of displaying the enabled GIS ayers on Map remains the same in other two places namely: Linear Viewer and Project Locations.

Note: Now if there are 7 GIS layers of which the User enables 5 of them by clicking, then all the information of the 5 layers are displayed on the Map in the popup on GIS Tab. Also, all the enabled layers are displayed when on the SmartApp and People Tabs.

Last Updated: Dec-10-23