Each Layer published as WMS in the WMS Manager will allow the view of Smart Items on Map Mode as a WMS layer. The 'Display App Layer as WMS' is an ON/OFF button which is set to OFF by default. 

  • When the button is turned ON allows the User to Display the Smart Item for the selected App in Map via the WMS Framework which would display the Smart Items faster on Map Mode. 

  • WMS Layer can be configured in two ways App or View
  • If 'Display Layer as WMS' has been turned ON for both App and View for the same App when User selects the App from the Map Mode, it is displayed in the APP layer by default.
  • If the User clicks on the 'Filter' icon from the left panel against the Smartapp and loads a View that has the 'Display Layer as WMS' ON AND clicks on 'Apply on Map', then provide those Smart Items from the View via WMS.

  • Tap on a Smart Item to see the smart Item Details. As the Smart Items is displayed as a WMS Layer, selecting the App from left panel will not show the Filter and SmartApp/Stage toggle icons as shown in the image below. 

  • Double Tapping on the Smart Item will display the Properties Page as shown below.

Note: All Devices will Display the WMS Layer in Map Mode similar to the Desktop Version for the corresponding Apps that are configured with 'Display App Layer as WMS = ON'

Last Updated: Dec-10-23