The "Bid Manager" is a powerful tool to create and manage bids within your project. Here's how GCs (with ‘Create and Award Bids to Vendors’ permission) can effectively use this feature:

  • Creating a New Bid:

    • Find the "Bid Manager" tile under the 'Finance' tab in the application

    • Clicking on the "Bid Manager" tile opens the "Bid Manager" popup, where new bids can be created

    • Use the 'Top' section of the Bid Manager to create basic bid details

    • Utilize the standard 'Budget Control' with search and division-based filtering

    • Add a “Bid Package Name”, select one or more "Budget Line Items" and set the "Start" and "End" Dates, then click 'Add’


  • Date Validations & Bid Creation:

    • The "Start Date" can't be earlier than the "End Date"

    • Bids can't be posted for elapsed dates

  • Confirmation & Draft Stage:

    • A toast message confirms the successful creation of a bid package

    • Once created, the bid package is set to the "Draft" status

    • A unique Bid ID is generated for bids in the "Draft" stage and displayed as a column in the grid

The "Bid Manager" streamlines the process of creating and managing bids, ensuring accuracy and compliance with date validations. 

Last Updated: Dec-11-23