In the "Bid Manager", GCs have the flexibility to modify bid details and budget line items in a bid that is in the "Draft" state. Here's how one can set up effectively:

Modifying Bid Details

Bid Package Name: The "Bid Package Name" is editable until a bid is posted. Update it as needed

Description: Users can enter a description if required, but it's not mandatory

Bidding Instructions: Users can enter any necessary bidding instructions in the "Bidding Instructions" field, which allows text editing and formatting

Bidding CC Emails: Users can add additional email IDs if required. Bidders will receive notifications at the specified email addresses when the bid is posted

Modifying Budget Line Items

Budget Line Items:

  • In the 'Budget Line Item' section, users can assemble one or many budget items to the bid package

  • The grid displays all selected budget line items for the bid

  • At least one budget line item is required to post a bid

Adding Budget Line Items:

  • Select new budget line items from the 'Budget Control'. Search functionality and various filtering options are also available

  • Click the '+' button to add them to the bid package

Removing Budget Line Items:

  • The budget line items can also be removed by clicking the 'x' button

  • A confirmation prompt will appear. Confirm with 'Yes' or cancel with 'No'

Budget Estimate:

  • Clicking the 'Budget Estimate' field opens the calculator. Unit Of Measure, Unit Quantity, and Unit Cost are specified during budget creation. The budget amount is not editable

Pre-Bid Information

Bid Query Deadline:

  • The "Bid Query Deadline" slider must be turned ON to enable posting queries within a specified time frame

  • Set a date for the query deadline, ensuring it's within the bid's start and end dates

  • A countdown timer will be activated from the specified date and time

Site Walkthrough:

  • Enable the "Site Walkthrough" setting to allow bidders to visit the site before submitting their bids

  • Specify the date and time for the site walkthrough, ensuring it's within the bid's start and end dates

  • Add instructions in the 'Walkthrough Notes' field, if necessary

Intent to Bid:

  • By default, "Intent to Bid" is ON

  • Specify the number of days within which bidders must show their intent to bid after the bid is posted

Countdown Emails:

  • Bidders can receive reminder notifications based on the specified number of days before the bid end date, encouraging them to submit their bids

  • This setting is not triggered for bidders who have already responded to the bid

With these options, GCs can efficiently modify bid details and manage budget line items to ensure a successful bid process.

Last Updated: Dec-11-23