Reference Files are crucial documents/files that can be added to a Bid. GCs can categorize and upload these files in three separate sections:


Add Drawings:

  • Click on 'Add Drawings' dropdown to begin uploading Drawing files

  • Choose either 'Select from Project Files' or 'Browse Locally' based on your preference

Select from Project Files:

  • Select from the 'Drawings' folder under Drive

  • Pick one or more drawings from this restricted folder

  • You can double-click on a drawing to view it using the standard preview available in Drive

  • Single click / select the drawing to be uploaded and click on ‘Select’ button

Browse Locally: Select drawing files from your local device

File Count: The top-right corner of the window displays the count of files being uploaded

Removing Files: To remove a specific file, click on the 'x' at the top right corner of the drawing thumbnail


Add Documents:

  • Click on 'Add Documents' dropdown to start uploading Documents/Files

  • Choose from 'Select Bid Package from Contract Files,' 'Select from Project Files,' or 'Browse Locally'

Select Bid Package from Contract Files:

  • Access 'Supplemental Contract Files' categorized under FINANCE Settings 

  • Select the required files and click 'ADD'

  • You can double-click on each file to view it

Select from Project Files:

  • Navigate to the 'Drive' folder under Drive

  • Pick one or more files from any folder in Drive

Removing Files: Remove files by clicking the 'x' at the top right corner of the thumbnail


Add Specifications: Click on 'Add Specifications' to start uploading Specification files 

Select Specifications: Access and select specifications created for the Project 

File Count: The top-right corner shows the count of files being uploaded

Zoom In & Out

Our bid management system offers a powerful 4-level Zoom (bottom left + icon) feature for reference files. This feature provides a closer look at your selected thumbnails and streamlines file management. The 4th level Zoom displays the selected files in a grid format. Here's what it includes:

  • Checkbox for File Selection: Easily choose files for actions like deletion or further processing. A ‘Delete’ button appears on the top after selection

  • Name Column: Quickly identify reference files by their names

  • File Column: View a preview or detailed information about selected reference files

Last Updated: Dec-11-23